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The Triple Bottom Line - people, planet, profit

We build a better future by implementing continual improvement through design, planning, construction and operations practices. We work hard to build spaces with minimal environmental footprint that remain healthy throughout their life cycle. By being first in class we understand our customers’ needs and lead them through their projects with the assurance they deserve.

Progressing Responsibly – mac-group’s approach to the triple bottom line.

mac-group is keeping in line with sustainable construction by cementing the three pillars of sustainability – social (people), environmental (planet) and economic (profit) – into our business model. We have a simple and clear goal in mind – to leave the environment in a more positive position than how we found it. We want to ensure present day projects are fulfilled in a way which does not stop future generations from meeting theirs. We also understand that the planet is not just ours to pass onto our future generations but was borrowed from the generations before us.

Social – People

In the words of Paul McKenna himself “I surround myself with people that are better than me”. People are at the forefront of what we do, and why we do it. People have always been at the heart of the business and this is reflected in the way we work. mac-group are committed to make a positive impact in every community we work in. We have a robust community and neighbourhood liaison programme and are partners of the Considerate Constructors Scheme. We believe that planning ahead will result in local communities not being disrupted and we welcome early and regular engagement with any receptors we feel might be impacted by our works.

Environmental – Planet

mac-groups environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001:2015 and is updated regularly to reflect changes to UK, Irish and European legislation. Compliance is seen as standard and the bar is constantly being lifted to ensure all projects are working towards world class in the area of environmental protection. Comprehensive, risk based environmental and waste management plans are produced for each project ensuring any risks are highlighted and mitigated against and opportunities to improve are explored. An internal auditing programme improves efficiency in operations and allows normalisation across all avenues of the business.

Economic – Profit

mac-group promotes the use of environmental resources in a responsible way that aims to provide long-term benefits while establishing profitability. Sustainable procurement is an area of huge growth for our business and will become embedded in how we operate. We encourage our supply chain partners to grow with us by offering support, training and guidance where needed. We aim to source local subcontractors and suppliers where possible and is prioritised for all projects. mac-group understand that sustainable development can be profitable and is how construction will be built for the future.

35 Shelbourne road thumbnail with achievement emblems

35 Shelbourne Road

Aerodrome Business Park Construction

Aerodrome Business Park – Site G

Aerodrome Site G thumbnail with achievement emblems

Aerodrome Business Park – Unit Q2


Aircraft Leasing Company


Blue Lion Place


Bristol-Myers Squibb – Cruiserath


Brown Brothers Harriman


Castleforge Partners – River House


Citi Bank


Global Banking Corporation – European Headquarters


Irish Life – 1 George’s Quay


Irish Life – City Quay


Mountpark Logistics Unit A


Mountpark Logistics Unit B


Oracle – Block A


Oracle – Block B

Quantum Unit 2 thumbnail with achievement emblems

Quantum Distribution Park – Unit 2

Quantum Distribution Park Drawing

Quantum Distribution Park – Unit 3


The Atrium


The Great Hall – Swansea University


Treasury Docks – Dublin


Zurich Trident House


Zurich, Enterprise House

"On behalf of Fidelity, I would like to thank all of you and your teams for the tremendous effort that has been put in to our Dublin project since we first got together last November. We have delivered a first class project to a challenging programme. Comments received include ‘…looks fabulous…’ and ‘ love the space - really impressive…’ so I guess that we must have done something right…!"

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Christopher Tibble,
Construction and Project Management Associate Director, Fidelity International Limited

"When we got our tender documents back from the 5 big brand contractors in Dublin and we assessed them all, mac-interiors stood out because they clearly understood our concerns."

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Michael Hynes,
Director, Head of Real Estate, Lone Star Funds

"From the initial kick-off meeting, we were satisfied that we had employed a team of construction professionals that were certain to deliver the project. You delivered it all without compromise."

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Gordon McNair,
Global Real Estate Project Manager, Hewlett Packard

“mac-interiors worked perfectly with our in-house team…every step of the way there was consultation and a lot of leadership from mac as well.”

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Michael Wilson,
Managing Director , UTV Ireland

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