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Irish Life – 1 George’s Quay

This project consisted of a major extension to the existing Irish Life building and a full refurbishment of the existing building covering approximately 141,000 sq. ft. over 6 floors with new CAT A landlord fit out.

Projects Works:

  • Full Mechanical & Electrical Services installations including chillers, boilers & AHUs
  • Removal of 2 existing secondary reinforced concrete cores
  • Replacement of all existing lifts and the introduction of an additional scenic lift
  • Installation of 80 mini piles in basement for new structure construction works
  • Extension of the front and rear of the building
  • Strip out of existing finishes and services
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Construction of new shower and toilet blocks in basement area
  • Replacement of the glazing to the entire building


1 George’s Quay achieved the following standards in energy efficiency to achieve a LEED Platinum rating:

  • Whole building energy simulation was performed before refurbishment started. It shows over 33% of energy savings due to various strategies including improvements in interior lighting, space and water heating improvements as well as installation of on-site renewable energy sources.
  • Installed PV panels will provide energy to 1.5% of total yearly energy costs.
  • The project has reported 46% reduction in water use due to the use of water efficient fixtures and collection of rainwater for irrigation purposes. The overall major water use reduction helps reduce energy for water heating and water treatment.
  • Construction and demolition waste recycling rates are at 92.33%. The project has recycled 100% of demolished 202 tonnes of steel and 5 tonnes of aluminium. Recycling C&D waste helps dramatically reduce energy use associated with extraction of raw materials. According to the British Metal Recycling Association, energy savings associated with recycling metals including sorting and transport of materials are as high as 95% for aluminium and over 60% for steel. Not only recycling metals reduces energy use, it also diminishes adverse environmental effects related to mining.
  • The project used mostly electrical and some diesel fueled construction equipment. Diesel engines are typically up to 25-30% fuel efficient than petrol engines, however are associated with air pollution. All diesel construction vehicles used on the project are up to EU Stage IV standard and therefore have reduced particulate matter emissions. To minimize effects on the air quality, all diesel fuelled vehicles were used outside the building and away from indoor air intakes.
  • mac as a company strives to increase energy efficiency on all of our projects and in all offices. We’re currently collecting baseline data on our energy and fuel use, which will further allow us to calculate and offset our carbon footprint.
  • We are procuring Energy Star certified office equipment with efficient and durable LED lamps which prove to be more energy efficient than baseline alternatives.
  • We encourage our suppliers to procure local construction materials to minimize fuel use and transportation emissions, for example for 1GQ project mac has purchased 100% locally harvested Irish timber – Coillte products such as Medite and Smartply, 100% locally manufactured raised access floors and plasterboard.

Project Details

Size: 141,000 sq. ft.
Duration: 49 Weeks
Team: Urban Solutions
Maurice Johnson & Partners

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