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Pursuing Your Passion


Carson offers his advice on making the right decisions when starting your career


Carson Henderson is now a Marketing and Communication intern at mac. But six months ago, Carson Henderson was missing something. Living in Austin, Texas with a stable job, great friends, and ample Tex-Mex at every corner, he knew he needed something more. He applied for a Working Holiday Authorisation to live and work in Ireland. He wanted to be able to take advantage of the growing construction boom of Ireland that is reshaping the face of the city of Dublin to gain valuable international experience to kick start his career into something he was truly passionate about: sustainable construction.

Why did you choose to work at mac?

I wanted to work for a company that would allow me to invest in my future. I was lucky enough to receive several offers within the 3-month time I allowed myself to find a job here in Dublin. While the other offers that I received were full time employment, they were in fields that while interesting, were not pertaining to what I wanted to start my career in. One of my degrees from university was Urban Studies, with a certification in GIS (Geographical Information Systems). I have always wanted to pursue a career in some type of commercial development with sustainability in mind and I knew this job would give me that. The foresight to have an Environmental Manager dedicated to not only provide guidance on the projects but also to the employees was extremely desirable to me. I plan on being able to take advantage of the certification courses while at mac to be able to expand my knowledge and experience in LEED and WELL projects to help make this world a better place.

The mac culture – what’s has struck you about it from day one to now?

The passion to succeed. There is such an upbeat and fun attitude that is seen in everyone that breeds a sense of comradery and success; its infectious to say the least. My days at mac are filled with great intrigue, knowledge, awe, and fun. When the clock strikes 4 PM, I have a hard time packing up my items and usually don’t for a while because I truly don’t want to leave.

What has been your favourite aspect to the job so far?

Learning and being engaged. At my previous job, I counted down the hours to go home to spend my nights searching for a greater purpose. At mac, I find my purpose everyday in the knowledge and insight I gain while interacting and learning from my colleagues. On top of being able to learn more about the commercial fit out and construction industry, I am gaining a vast knowledge of the Irish and UK market, a valuable tool to be able to understand and succeed in future positions here at mac or back home in Texas, if I go back that is.

What advice would you give to your peers to help them to find the right job?

Don’t sell yourself short and go after what you want. When I first got to Dublin, I gave myself 3 months to find a job. While I knew I didn’t want to go back to waiting tables or tending bar like I did in university, I knew I had to cast as wide of a net as possible to catch the gems. With that said, I always had that perfect job description in the back of my head, something that would use my marketing and communication skills but in a field that I wanted a career in. Therefore, it became a numbers game, combing and sifting through as many applications online and networking in person to be able to find the few that stood out. Once I found the mac application, I knew that this was made for me and I went for it with 100% effort and it paid off.

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