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mac-group Goes Green for Environmental Awareness Week


mac-group decided to run our very own Environmental Awareness Week

Progressing Responsibly – mac-group’s approach to the triple bottom line! We have a simple and clear goal in mind – to leave the environment in a more positive position than how we found it. We want to ensure present day projects are fulfilled in a way which does not stop future generations from meeting their goals. We also understand that the planet is not just ours to pass onto our future generations, but was borrowed from the generations before us.

Last week, November 23rd – 27th 2020, mac-group decided to run our very own Environmental Awareness Week to raise the levels of sustainability across the construction industry to the same awareness and standard that we have for Health & Safety. Every year, the Construction Industry Federation of Ireland have CIF Safety Week so we decided the Environment and Sustainable Construction needs the same voice.

Topics for the week:

Monday – The Cost of Waste

 Tuesday – Green Building

Wednesday – Climate Change and Carbon Footprints

Thursday – Deforestation and Biodiversity

Friday – Top Tips and we held a quiz amongst our staff to test what they learned from the week, with a prize for the first, second and third place.

Under the guidance of Colleen Rooney our Environmental Advisor and Darren Bourke and his EHS team, each of our themes were discussed at our Toolbox Talks every morning. We also sent out a PowerPoint of the Toolbox Talks to our office-based staff to raise awareness and understand how we can all improve and help save this planet, both on our sites and our offices in the UK and Ireland.

With the success of last week, we hope to hold Environmental Awareness Week every year and hopefully the rest of the construction industry will follow our lead. We work hard to build spaces with minimal environmental footprint that remain healthy throughout their life cycle. By being first in class, we understand our customers’ needs and lead them through their projects with the assurance they deserve.

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