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Cranes, Construction & Evolved Capabilities



Cranes are a sign of health in the construction industry in Ireland. We know that there’s an appetite for commercial fit out and construction services because there is 400,000 sq m of office space currently under construction… and because WE HAVE A CRANE!

mac have gone and become Dynamic Construction People and this is why:

Your business doesn’t want to wait until 2018 to be able to have a space where you can start working and earning money. You want to be able to do that much sooner. So you pre-let an office space in a building that already exists that somebody else is rebuilding from the inside out and you get your unique space in the capital of Ireland that way instead.

In an under-supplied market, existing buildings need to be developed to accommodate the demand and this has led mac to expand our capabilities from purely fit out to now be able to construct and transform the interiors of entire buildings such as the one at 1 George’s Quay.

We are stripping out, demolishing, constructing and replacing all different parts and pieces of the building at 1 George’s Quay. This will be followed by a full fit out to the reception, lobby and washroom facilities bringing together our experience in fit out and evolved construction service.

To learn more about the works at 1 George’s Quay, click here.

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