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World Green Building Week: Liveable Cities and Tours


Upcoming Events and Tours of Sustainable Projects

The memory of Summer 2018 will linger for most in Ireland thanks to the sweltering heat it brought for 3 months. However, the heat wave that came near to cripple Dublin’s water infrastructure could easily repeat itself, or worse, become our new reality. Climate change is nothing new to us and with 60% of Ireland population now living in urban areas, the way we interact and live in our built environment will soon have to change as well. At mac, we are exceedingly aware of this harsh reality, causing us to be continiously on the cusp of expanding our education and our community’s education on the discussion of making not just Ireland and the UK, but the urban world, a more liveable and sustainable environment.

For that reason, mac invites those in our community to join us at our IGBC partner, Cundall’s 2018 World Green Building Week (WGBW), hosted in both Dublin and Belfast. The kick-off event, titled ‘Liveable Cities’, will take place this Tuesday, the 11th of September at the Irish Aviation Authority HQ at 11-12 D’Olier Street, Dublin 2 from 8:00 to 10:30. Reserve your ticket here:,5T2EY,NV7MW7,MOCFN,1

The same event will be repeated in Belfast on Friday, the 28th of September at the Europa Hotel (Rotunda Suite), Great Victoria Street, Belfast from 17:00 to 21:00. Reserve your ticket here:


For those in Britain, don’t fret! the UKGBC has a similar event hosted in Birmingham on Thursday, the 4th of October at GVA, 3 Brindley Place, Birmingham from 17:00 to 19:00. Registration for the event can be found here:

UKGBCLogoColour 800

These events will focus on the challenges and opportunities for cities in the UK, Ireland and across the globe over the coming decades, with information on climate change and discussions regarding the approaches to mitigate the associated impacts on developments.

While hearing and discussing the plans for the future of sustainable development in our cities, there’s no time like the present to see the change that is already taking place. If you’ll be in the Dublin area the last week of September, WGBW will be hosting 3 tours of sustainable buildings throughout Dublin. If you’re interested touring 1 Windmill Lane ( ), 10 Molesworth Street ( ), or Miesian Plaza ( ) please follow the accompanying links to register.

If these three buildings aren’t enough for your sustainability desires, take the time to tour some of mac’s greatest achievements in sustainable development throughout Ireland.

The mac-group’s first LEED certified project, with a Gold rating, is located at Citi Belfast in the Titanic Quarter:


Our first LEED Gold project in Dublin, located at 30 Herbert Street, D2, was for Brown Brothers Harriman:


From there, walk towards 65 St. Stephen’s Green where you will find our first LEED Platinum project (the highest project rating one can achieve) at the AerCap HQ:

AerCapOctober 800x400

After a nice stroll through St. Stephen’s Green, you should find yourself walking towards the River Liffey to find one of mac’s greatest achievements at 1 George’s Quay, a LEED Platinum project:


If all that wasn’t enough, head out to the suburbs where mac completed our 3rd LEED Platinum job at BMS Cruiserath:


While mac is proud of all the projects we work on, we are especially proud of our sustainable initiatives in the communities we live and work in. With 20% of all LEED Platinum projects in Ireland credited to mac, it is clear we care about where our built environment is going. Our drive to question and improve upon all that has gone before us is evident in our own continued education and the buildings that represent not only our work and communities, but our future.

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