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Project Jewel



Project Overview

Construction of a new Unilever warehouse facility 65,000 sq ft and refurbishment of an existing 65,000 sq ft warehouse. The works were carried out at an existing food processing plant working within a live environment. This project was one of a series of projects carried out for Unilever at their Burton-on-Trent facility to provide increased manufacturing capacity. The factory remained live throughout the works and all activities were closely co‐ordinated to allow Unilever to operate “business as usual” operations for the duration of the project.


Project Works Description

Works were programmed and managed taking into account both Unilever’s own specialist contractors, who would be working alongside us at various points of the project and interaction with the other elements of the work we were carrying out where interfaces required resequencing and co‐ordination to provide a holistic solution for the client. Design Co‐ordination and Build Quality Control: The project was procured under an NEC contract.

Whilst the main design was traditional the project included a large number of Contractor Designed elements covering groundworks, drainage, structural and secondary steel, HVAC to existing areas, electrical upgrades to offices and interfaces with the other projects covering Cladding and Roofing, White Walling, Walk On Ceilings, Industrial Doors, Pedestrian Doors, HVAC to new areas and full electrical design. Collaborative Working Practices and Early Engagement, Integrated Team Working and Supply Chain:

The nature of the Unilever warehouse project, and its interaction with other projects being run by Unilever directly, and by ourselves with the common Client Team demanded a high level of interaction at all levels. The scheme changed due to business needs between the initial tender and appointment and we worked on an open book arrangement, using existing agreed rates wherever possible to build up a new contract sum for the project.

The subcontractors for this scheme were selected on the basis of previous strong performance on other sites, proven collaborative attitude and ability to work flexibly within the site constraints. Handover, Testing and Commissioning and Soft Landings. We were aware that handing the refurbished offices back early would provide a benefit to the Client and so we agreed on a method to do this safely, having pre-commissioned and tested the area. Through careful segregation of work areas, we were able to hand back this area ahead of time in July 2019, and completed the final sign off of the entire project in September 2019.


Mechanical Scope

HVAC to existing areas


Electrical Scope

Electrical upgrades to offices and interfaces with the other projects


Project Challenges

Risk Reduction: this was managed through our process of a Risk and Opportunity Schedule this becomes a live document used through the life of the project. The schedule is in typical Risk Register format, with assessments of likelihood and impact of risks occurring with ownership, actions and mitigation strategies identified and honed as the project progresses. Project scope changed after the tender was submitted. Programme risk – change extended project duration.

Groundworks commenced in July, when it was very dry and there was a dust risk which had the potential to stop or delay food production at the facility. Working in a live environment with a shared entrance. Location of site next to busy industrial estate roadway. Working alongside other projects and incorporating specialist contractors into our programme. Food and Beverage Environment.


Further Information:

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Project Details

Size: 129,000 sq ft
Duration: 35 Weeks
Team: Client: Unilever
PM: Lorien Engineering Solutions
Architect: Lorien Engineering Solutions
Structural: GHD

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