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Project overview from the designer and PM, Barbara Dooley.

MCCP were looking to relocate their head office from Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, to Great Strand Street. The brief was fascinating. The company is a marketing and advertising group, with style. There are a lot of young staff, and these staff are treated well! The client had ambitions for the new space, and these ambitions were met with a bespoke design, that threw away any notions of your typical office design.

The concept was developed by researching the clients existing office, clients, functions, ethos and philosophy. They worked in a very collaborative and agile way, and were not afraid of pops of colour and using current trends. The new office was 4 floors over basement. It was in average condition, but needed some TLC. Our team upgraded the services in tune with this new collaborative and integrative work space.

  • There were lots of quirky zones, focus rooms, informal and formal meeting spaces and acoustic phone booths. All of the finishes were not standard off the shelf. I picked and treated fussy and stylish fabrics form Osborne and Little and created our own acoustic foam boards. The banquette seats had a range of different styles, butting up beside each other, which were again, hand selected and a complete one of a kind appearance. I mixed finishes of light wash and smoked oak floors with the carpet tiles which had pops of more daring colours and wrapped the walls in a stylised paint finish which included continuous stripes of colour. Dark ceilings were achieved by exposing services, and we used feature satin tones over each floor. The top floor was a spectrum of fuchsia, the middle floors were fields of lilac and green and the reception was a mixed tone of greens with some bold mustard yellows and large dramatic filament bulbs were hung over meetings spaces and work benches while also casting some shades to the reception areas.
  • The canteen facility was quite unique with smoked floor finishes, a specially designed dark and matte cabinet base, marble veined tops, a walnut island unit and powder pink cappuccino storage units. The space was lit with a mixture of pendants and hidden strip lights. The kitchen was tiled in a watery and glossy finish of bronze, gold an pink tiles to the walls. We created tailored signage to the glazing, vinyl’s and external signs.
  • Everything about this fit out experience was different, from the quirky shaped building, to the large range of finishes and textures. The style and flexibility of this creative process, enabled me to explore a marvellous and unique look, while also ensuring the jobs function was equal to its form.

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This project was completed by our Dublin team. #TEAMmac

Project Details

Size: 5,382 sq. ft.
Duration: 8 weeks
Team: Barbara Dooley (mac)
Jason Quille (mac)
Francis McSwiggan (mac)
Brian McCaul (mac)

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