A building is alive

“The construction and use of buildings in the EU account for about half of all our extracted materials and energy consumption and about a third of our water consumption. The sector also generates about one third of all waste and is associated with environmental pressures that arise at different stages of a building’s life-cycle including the manufacturing of construction products, building construction, use, renovation and the management of building waste”


European Commission Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector


Katsiaryna Mazur


Head of Sustainability

At any moment on site we are conscious of how our local and even tiniest of actions and choices impact global environment and humanity, how we are contributing to scaling from green buildings and healthy environments to smart and green cities:

  • ISO 14001 accredited environmental management system
  • Samson subcontractor pre-qualification process
  • European transition to circular economy.
  • By delivering LEED, WELL and BREEAM projects, not only we facilitate Ireland’s progress towards low-carbon economy in the long run, we help our clients to achieve measurable life-cycle economies of energy and water, produce healthy and comfortable spaces which boost productivity and prosperity for businesses and individuals.


LEED Projects Delivered:

Citi project in Belfast – LEED Gold

Oracle Block B – LEED Platinum

Swansea University – BREEAM Very Good

Brown Brothers Harriman– LEED Gold

In progress:

Aercap  LEED Platinum.

BMS  targeting LEED Silver.


mac-interiors’ employees currently represent as much as 20% of LEED professionals in the whole Irish green building industry. You, the environmentally responsible construction professional, are pursuing the goal of advancing spaces that both have minimal environmental footprint and are healthy environments throughout their life-cycle. Your choice of contractor allows you to achieve this goal, and deliver spaces where you want to be, from the very first day of construction to years ahead.

A building, as a system, is something larger than the sum of its parts put together. Every building, every interior is part of a larger interplay of technology, innovation, psychology, economy and socio-ecological systems.

Approaching construction and fit-out as both a technological and artistic process, we conceive and manage construction sites that are not – aesthetically, ecologically, health-wise – a disruption to the surrounding life, but, on the contrary, are a safe, beautiful and engaging part of it.